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Paul Fenley


Paul Fenley co-founded K Dunn & Associates in 1990. Paul's expertise is in developing sales and marketing strategies.

Paul has marketing experience in a myriad of different industries: Legal services, financial planning, computer software, real estate, retail services, construction, entertainment, fashion, home improvement, golf courses, restaurants, and insurance, to name a few. From his extensive background, Paul draws from the best strategies to develop effective and profitable marketing programs for his clients.

Prior to co-founding K Dunn & Associates, Paul headed up the marketing department of Star Software Systems, Inc., a start-up software company based in Torrance, California. Within its first three years of operation, Star Software made the INC 500 list and stayed there four consecutive years. At the same time, the accounting software Paul was marketing became the #1 bestseller in the PC market.

In 1992, Paul co-founded the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, in San Diego, California. His marketing programs continue to be used by Academy members nationwide.

Paul attended Kansas State University where he studied structural engineering. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to continue his education by setting out to launch his own successful enterprises.

Paul loves the outdoors and spends much of his time fly-fishing and camping. He also enjoys computer programming, building radio-controlled airplanes, working out at the gym, and riding his motorcycle.

“You're always right there, and I feel like you answer my questions before I think of them.”
— California