Estate Planning,
LASIK/Cataract/Refractive &
Cosmetic Surgery Practices

Why These Industries?

These are professional practices that provide highly-complex, elective services. Although the services are diverse, the practices are perfectly suited to market their services in the same way...

First, they advertise their services to generate interest. An advertisement may include an offer of a free seminar or a free consultation, which allows professionals to meet prospects in person...and spend enough time with them to explain their highly-complex services.

The next step is to conduct one-on-one consultations so prospects can find out how the service would work in their personal situation. What occurs in these consultations is marketing, and a professional can improve their retention rate by improving their consultation process.

All of these practices should have a "house list" (a database of prospects). This list should be marketed to at least quarterly to retain more business, cross-promote services & generate referrals.

So, as you can see, although these industries are diverse, how they market is the same. In fact, what we learn from marketing in one industry can directly relate to the other industries - because humans make purchase decisions about highly-complex services in the same way.

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